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Prem Chaudhary.

Dream is a destiny that everyone is chasing for. It comes involuntarily rather compulsorily. Be it child or mature personality everyone have some zeal to achieve something luxurious in their life. In child our dream are based on fantasy that almost seems impossible to achieve. Gradually, when they start facing realistic world, their daydream starts questioning and their answers almost become incredulous. Question is that does everyone achieve their vision? Answers are unpredictable.

Children are true gift of nature where we attain purity in their thought, action, perception and hallucination. They all are unaware about the world and its veracity. They all enjoy flight of the imagination on basis of fairy-tale manuscript and they see themselves enjoying in that world. Some children want to become whatever they see in the famous cartoon and TV characters which almost appear unfeasible. When teacher sets frame of professions that have great value in the society, children starts following them. For example when we ask any children what they want to be in future, maximum children will answer to become doctor or engineer either they belong to rich, poor or middle class family. It means teen’s minds as well heart are tender that can’t be mould as we want.

When those teenagers become mature, they start facing hurdle in their life. They start to face authenticity in the world and slowly their delusion starts vanishing. We can see same people learning different courses despite having interest differentiation and their dream is determined by their financial situation, perception, society, traditions and most importantly the environment where they have grown-up. Now we can see same student class giving up their day dream of becoming professionals depending upon the situation. They all start living life full of frustration and finally they all become prey of depression. Most importantly in this money-oriented world it seems easy to achieve to those people who belongs to rich and middle class with bare minimum effort where as for the people who are in the vicious circle of poverty needs immense amount of uphill struggle to accomplish what they wish.

In context of Nepal, we have infinite gap in the line of poverty and rich. Maximum Nepalese face difficulty in just to fulfill hand to mouth basic needs then how they can think to cut the line of that vicious circle. Our visionary people who want to make some difference in the society end up with changing their visionary thought within the society. For instant we can take Nepalese student, the student who deliberate in English medium school are preferably more demanding in the work place but student who are from Nepali medium are mostly unemployed and are mostly from underprivileged society. They all have to lose their reverie just because their quality of education looks as if stumpy. Despite having great knowledge, education, and ideas, experience and skill, they are compelled to live their life the way they have never imagined. The flow of remittance from gulf countries is indirectly showing the trafficking of Nepalese mind and inequality in the income.

Since our country is from the least developed country, I think government should invest their budget in development of every child’s dream. Since it is considered youth are the future gems of the nation, they should consider their competences and their complexity to fulfill degree as well as basic needs.

People say if you want to achieve something great nothing can stop you to achieve. We can get one or two person having such courage to face those hurdles and achieve. They are enough to make change in the society and imagine what would be there if we use each and every youth mind in productive to service sector. We would not only see individual dream fulfilling, we can see whole nations vision achieving. Let government realize the dream of every formative year. Let make the environment children’s fantasy imagination come true and make our country place of every dreamer’s destiny.

BBA, Kantipur Valley College

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