Meeting my Crush

Srijana Chaudhary.

It was our second meeting, I saw him standing at the Bus station desperately waiting for Micro Bus. Unlike, other passenger, he was again different, not standing still but walking left and to his right keeping both his eyes and brain to the direction that the bus he was expecting. This was the second time I caught him being restless and desperate. Of course, it was an incident to gaze so was I doing standing 25 meter away from him. I can tell he must be waiting the bus since long, the way he looks and must have something important to reach at his place as always.  The waiting was long indeed but seems no sign of ending the desperation.

At once we got to take our eyes on the Taxi together. The driver was asking if anyone wants to take it because he had only one passenger in the taxi. Considering of timing I was the first to reach to the taxi and negotiate with taxi driver. After I get in to the Taxi I saw him still his eyes on the taxi but a kind of confusion on his behaviour the way he was walking towards the taxi.

Oh God! He surprised me again he got in to the Taxi after talking with the Taxi driver. I was not expecting this much though. My Crush, beside me, sharing same seat, same Taxi. I was just astonished, never imagined this stranger turned Crush in few meeting, sitting so close to me.

He adjusted himself, his bag, talked with driver asking the direction he was taking. But never spoke to me, neither I. I put off my scarf from my face and head. Actually, I wanted him to recognize my face, myself, his secret admirer. I don’t know why he kept adjusting his bag, hand time and again. I was watching outside the window pretending not caring of his every single actions but I was doing without any doubt. I was able to see his long fingers maintained nail which I failed to notice in the first meeting. I could feel his breath, his motion of body while breathing. I could hear the sound and feel his tapping, shaking right leg attached with my left.

I was feeling strange in itself of sitting with him. It was like wish, imagination comes true. I was just thinking to share this second meeting too with my best friend and narrate how come this to be happened, this pleasant, special time with my Crush.  The first meeting I narrated her, she called me crazy. I think, yes I am.

I was imagining the unexpected thing that had happened and was happening. The first meeting was like filmy and fictitious, not the meeting was but me indeed. I was returning back from my work on usual time. A man passed by me with gentle friction on my right arm with his. He appeared in front of me walking a bit faster gentling bending his body little forward. I started falling in love with back part of his body. An average height little bit chubby but not fat, tiny clean cut hair from back side.  He was wearing black full sleeve thick cotton T-Shirt written 84 in white, loose jeans not too long. I could see the white shoe- red lined and green on top with black lace part. He was holding leather bag on right side of his shoulder. His wrist had white chain watch. He looked really decent attracting.

I wanted to see him from face side. I increased my pace of walk to catch his speed.  I was able to walk close to him but was not sure which way he will be separating from but I was wishing him to take the way I walk. And, yes he took the left and stood there in the bus stop where I stop to take vehicles to my place.  Now I could see his face, a mixture of Aryan and Mongoloid, not so black but not so white too. The glass with thick black frame was looking really good on him. Oh Yes, and SUPERDRY written on his T- Shirt in front side. He was an average looking man but for me, I felt like I got to see my dream ideal man. He looked cool though he thinks he is SUPERDRY.

Still I was not sure which bus he will be taking. I was staring him from few distances. I don’t know whether he have had noticed. After some time a Bus came, everyone was rushing to get in. Not wasting the chance, I tried to get in the bus but saw him getting in to other bus. So, I left the bus I was getting in and ran towards the Bus he took. There were no untaken seats in the Bus so he and I were standing including others who failed to get the seat.

My eyes were searching him inside the Bus he was so close to me but was veiled from the place I was standing. Before the Bus reached to the Final station I saw him sitting in the seat holding a cell phone. I heard his voice talking on his phone. The accent was my mother tongue, which excited me more.

I deliberately went after him struggling with crowd while getting off the Bus. I found myself following him walking after him though he was ignorant about the thing happening between him and me. I was walking to different street which does not take me to my place but I kept walking after him. I walked after him until he entered to the house. I was with no clue then, not to look crazy I kept walking even he was not walking in my front.

It had been late when I reached to my place. My friend asked me the reason of being late but I had no reasonable reason to give her. But later I narrated what had happened which was of course a crazy. The first time slipped away for a stranger.

My imagination in the taxi sitting beside him was disrupted.  He wake me up with his unexpected words “Open the window, it’s suffocating inside”. I was like what! I was enjoying of his existence, feeling delighted, and dreaming unlike him who was suffocating. Really, a good expression of feeling for a crush.

The taxi stopped to the place where he asked the driver to stop. Till there, we were only two in the taxi the other man had already left. He get off from the taxi, took out his purse from his back side of jeans. The Purse was old though stylish. He took out 1000 note and gave it to driver. The driver asked changes because he had no changes to return. He never asked changes with me which driver did. Unfortunately, I had not that amount too. I very sweetly asked him, if I can pay for him.  He smiled in agree. He thanked me and left.  But I was expecting something beyond.

The third meeting was even more special for me. I was with my friend in the Super market and picking up food stuffs. I saw him suddenly standing in the same row with some stuffs in his hand, looked like Pickles Jar. I was nervous seeing him there after a week. At the same time excited to see him again. I was pretending of not seeing him but he caught me after few minutes. I saw him smiling and said, “I owe you, 100 rupees of last time”.  Me in a nervous after unusual pause replied, “no its Okay, no problem”. He only smiled and left which I was not expecting.

After few minutes he came in front of me when I was not thinking of him but busy with choosing stuffs. He said, “This Chocolate for you” I was Surprised but couldn’t ignore. I got Dairy milk from my crush as return but I was again expecting something beyond.

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